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Friday, September 16, 2005

The end of summer as we know it..

The end of summer.. what has it to do with global warming ?
Sun-flowers still growing on the roof. Will there be palm trees growing here in a couple of years ?
Just to remind that the worst disaster for this planet is not nature but man. With a UN without any power and a powerfull nation without any compassion for their own people. The Bush administration should return to where it belongs.. back into the Bush. But of course this "teflon" president will stay in office. Should I go on abouth other issues ? Should I get worried abouth "1984" George Orwell scenario's ? Because we want to protect you (the people) we have to control you, monitor you and screen each and every word on the phone or internet..
Tell me who really finds himself more secure when we are being watched on every street corner, checked at everything we do. Implant a chip in every new-born with a unique digital code. Use satelite systems to track them and then sit back and relax... What can happen now ? Everything is controlled.. Don't worry be happy and sleep, sleep, sleep.


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